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Catherine Wallace

My purpose is to help others reconnect to who they truly are 07960 036608

Catherine Wallace
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About Me

My journey certainly has its contrasts having spent fourteen years as a Carmelite Nun. It was a life that was both rewarding and challenging and one where I discovered who I was, and what made me tick! However Carmel was only a part of my life’s purpose and so a deeper calling of my vocation started to emerge: to help people get in touch with their true inner essence, and to enable them to live from the magnificence of who they really are, and therefore from a place of self-empowerment, of love and integrity. Since leaving the Order I have trained in various modalities across the Mind, Body, Spirit Spectrum; the realm of healing being what I’m most passionate about. Healing is about coming back into balance on all levels; it’s connecting to our Heart essence, and from that place of One Consciousness, to everything that IS.

We live in exciting times, yes it can be a little scary when everything around us seems to be shifting and beckoning us to ride the wave and move forward with the various transformational changes that is happening around us.

In 2011 a small group of Healing Practitioners came together to discuss the various shifts in the field of Healing and Consciousness. Through our sharing of insights, dreams and channeling Spheres Of Light became known to us, and the Spheres Of Light Foundation was formed

 Its' very simplicity excited us! Simple because we already have all that we need right here, right now. Spheres Of Light is who we are - our innate essence. We can access a High level of Consciousness simply by our intention to engage. No gadgets, no tools is needed, JUST YOU!

The Spheres Of Light are here to help shift us to a higher level of consciousness, a higher state of being, that enables us to not only make a difference in our lives and those around us, but to the very planet itself!

You can access them Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere!