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Catherine Wallace

My purpose is to help others reconnect to who they truly are 07960 036608

Catherine Wallace
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The Dharma (Journey)

The Dharma is a process that enables you to get to the initial memory of an issue that is holding you back in your life; be it anger, grief, jealousy, resentment, abuse etc. Using a combination of NLP and Hypnotherapy you are able to empty out, let go, forgive (that does not mean condone) and move forward in a non-traumatic way. It enables you to get in touch with your own inner wisdom and free yourself from limiting emotional blocks and destructive behavior patterns.

Many of our personality traits or patterns are 'learned' at an early age. Once they are in place we tend to attract to ourselves experiences that confirm our negative beliefs about ourselves. Through the Dharma you discover and release old negative behavior patterns.

You don’t necessarily need to know what the issue is before you embark on the Dharma, as whatever is relevant will come up during the process.

The process takes 11/2 -2hrs £150