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Catherine Wallace

My purpose is to help others reconnect to who they truly are 07960 036608

Catherine Wallace
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Lymphatic Drainage

The Lymphatic System is closely connected with the Circulatory System: consisting of capillaries permeating the tissue spaces converging into larger and larger vessels that eventually drain into the main circulatory system. At frequent intervals along the lymphatic  vessels are located nodes or glands whose job is to filter harmful products from the lymph, ensuring full health to the body's systems. When this system is overtaxed its efficiency is impaired, leading to fluid retention, cellulite, muscular aches and pains, bad skin and spots, swollen joints and general lassitude. The health of our lymphatic system is vital to the health of our whole body.

The stimulation of the lymphatic system helps to cleanse the tissues giving the body the chance to rejuvenate. 

Light lymphatic massage is especially designed to liberate blocked lymph, and regular treatments can prevent lymph blockages from recurring. All moves are extremely gentle, moving up the body towards the neck. Those with long-standing lymphatic problems will need a series of treatments to maximise the benefits without side-effects.

To counteract any side-effects you should drink plenty of water to speed the detoxifying process and a rest of at least 15 minutes is recommended at the end of the treatment. For a congested body a series of treatments will be needed.

Session Fees   £45 80 mins