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Catherine Wallace

My purpose is to help others reconnect to who they truly are 07960 036608

Catherine Wallace
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Reconnective Healing

Reconnective Healing® is a level of healing that the various researches believe is possibly here on the planet for the first time. Quite a statement! But then our planet is shifting; and we with it; hence why we’re possibly accessing something more. Reconnective Healing® takes us beyond the entirety of energy into a spectrum that expands beyond energy, into light and information.


As human beings we vibrate at a specific level of light; we know this through the work of Dr Albert Fritz Popp, a German scientist who discovered in 1970, that if you place the DNA of a single cell into a darkened box it will emit a specific level of light. We know that when our health is down our light is down; and that when our light comes back up, anything that is denser than light – and that includes most health challenges – simply fall away if appropriate. When you come into contact with this level of healing, of Energy,Light and Information; something inside of YOU says ‘Hey, I remember this, this is me vibrating healthy; I think I’ll do that again!’


Reconnective Healing seems to have its own genre, its own field. Something happens that turns the laws of physics as we know it upside down! We know through scientific scrutiny that it’s different in many ways: in the way it affects the DNA; it changes our tissues, our heart waves, our brain waves; gamma radiation levels change; it’s stronger with distance; various studies show that the measurements of the room space change significantly; what also makes this very different is that during a session the Practitioner is not sending or directing as with energy healing, but rather absorbing.

Reconnective Healing® is not a treatment, nor a therapy; it’s not symptom based. It’s not about removing this physical symptom or that emotional blockage. It’s more than that. Reconnective Healing® is about bringing the system back into balance on all levels, be it physical, emotional, mental, spiritual or any of the other levels we’re not consciously aware of. Generally 1-3 sessions are recommended. It is NOT something you come back time and time again as a regular top-up.


As a Reconnective Healing® Practitioner I don’t need to know what’s wrong or why you’ve come to see me; in fact the less I know the better. Now that may seem a bit strange if you’re used to having a full on consultation! However, the Reconnective Healing® spectrum has its own Intelligence that determines the perfect form the healing should take for you; it doesn’t need me to direct the healing according to my limited, conscious, educated mind.


Everyone’s experience of these incredible frequencies is different, some report visions, colors, lights and sounds they have never known before. Some experience the energy as a cold breeze, others as heat! The frequencies can be experienced in waves or as tingling, either through the whole body or perhaps just in one specific limb or area. Sometimes there can be different sensations going on at once, other times it’s all very still. Whatever the sensations or experience; it is exactly what you need right NOW!

Reconnective Healing® for many can be a life-changing experience!

Session Fees

Reconnective Healing®:  £60.00 for each session